You have 30 days to return Your Tarka bag if You have changed Your mind, did not like the colour or something weird has happened only if it was never used and is as brand new, just like You have received it. All shipping costs must be covered by the customer. 


We did our best to make them last, however shit happens and we will replace any bag if spoilage has occurred because of our craftsmanship or material defect. Damage caused by improper use or care, daily wear and tear, or damages due to accidents are not covered by our policy. We will assess each case individually and will be happy to sort it out free of charge if that was our fault. Do not hesitate to hit us up at:

Are Tarka Bags Waterproof? 

We would say they are weatherproof. Even though to make our bags we use materials that are water resistant, our products are sewn at the end of the day and some water might get in through the seams thus we do not recommend to use them underwater. If You're in need of fully waterproof bag we recommend You using silicone seam sealer that could be bought in any camping supply shop near You. All You need to do is pull the bag inside out and put it on top of the seals.

Mounting Hardware

All Tarka products come with regular mounting hardware that was designed specifically for that product and our bags will fit most of the bicycles, however in some cases depending on the size of the bike or the frame itself it might need some adjustments, do not hesitate to get in touch with us if You have any questions.